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Monday, 20 February 2012

Tagged.com>>>>>Does She Love Me, Does She Love Me Not !

Does She Love Me, Does She Love Me Not?

You know the “does she love me” game all too well. You sit down with a flower and start picking off the petals one at a time. She loves me. She loves me not. There is hope with each petal that flutters to the ground around your feet. You want to end on “she loves me” more than anything and you aren’t above ripping the last petal in half to make that happen.

This is something schoolchildren are known for doing when they have their first big crush, but as adults we play the same game. We just play it in more grown-up, less dramatic fashion. We meet someone special, spend some time getting to know them, and suddenly we’re in over our head. Casual dating turns to emotional connection and hearts are on the line.

Does She Love Me, Does She Love Me Not?

If this is where you are right now, put down the flowers and approach this with a real assessment of the situation. Here are some things you may notice if your last petal is going to be “she loves me!”

1. She goes out of her way to include you in her daily life.

When a woman starts to include you in her daily ho-hum life, you can have more hope that she is developing deeper feelings for you. It starts out as dating and with many women it will never progress much further, but once a woman starts to really care for you she will let you into her life on a deeper level.

If you find yourself doing laundry and just hanging out on a Sunday afternoon or she invites you to her nieces school play, she is trying to make you more a part of her everyday life.

You may be thinking: she’s doing this, so does she love me? You can have hope she is at least heading in that direction.

2. When she talks about her future, you are there in the plans.

It’s very interesting to listen to a woman you have been dating talk about the future. On the first couple dates she will talk about her own plans and ambitions and they will simply be her plans and ambitions. As she starts to care about you more it will turn into new plans and ambitions or perhaps your mutual plans. This occurs when she cares deeply and wants you in that future.

If you are hearing references of you in her future, then chances are she is experiencing deeper feelings and may be in love.

3. She seems to be testing you.

Many women will start dropping bombs when they are falling in love. They want to test the waters and see if you are there for the long haul and if you are falling for them as well. These bombs may be telling you information about their past that is less than pleasant or it may be admitting to their own flaws to see if you run. It could be as simple as talking about her desire to have children and get married. She is looking for a response that tells her you are there for the long haul and are equally as in love.

If you note that some of these things are occurring in your relationship, you may be wondering if it means she is falling in love with you. There is no guarantee, but these are all signs that the answer to the question, “does she love me” is probably yes.


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