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Monday, 13 February 2012

taggde.com - Learn How to Date a Girl with 3 Simple Tips

What information did you use to learn how to date a girl? If you’re like most men you learned in childhood from watching your father or other male figures in your life and then you learned even more by studying the boys in school who always seemed to have all the luck. Add in the misguided ideas of your friends in school and you have your education on dating.

How is that working out for you as an adult? Since those old school ideas on how to date a girl no longer apply, it’s probably not working out real well.

We put together the following three tips for men just like you. There are men all over the world struggling to figure out how to date a girl. If you’re ready to ditch the outdated strategies you learned as a boy and move on, consider the following tips to learn dating techniques in the grown up world. 

  1: Mr. Nice always comes in dead last.
How many times have you seen an attractive woman run off with a big brute with no manners or social grace? If you still scratch your head in confusion, you haven’t learned how to date a girl in the grown up world just yet. Women say they want the nice guy who will treat them with respect, but that really isn’t at all what they are looking for.

Yes, women say they want one thing but they actually want another! If you are Mr. Nice all the time you are going to come in last behind the guys who are a little rougher around the edges. If you want to learn the art of dating, stop listening to what women say about what they want and pay attention to who they actually choose in the end.

Women say they want Mr. Nice but the men they are running off with are anything but nice in most cases. Pay attention to this and drop the nice guy act.

2: Embrace rejection.
If you aren’t getting rejected by women from time to time, you aren’t working hard enough to learn the secrets of dating yet. Right from the start, before you even approach another woman, accept that you are going to get turned down at some points.
Every man that puts himself out there at the mercy of women will experience rejection, no matter how slick his moves may be. If someone tells you they never get rejected they are lying or trying to sell you something worthless.

The more rejections you rack up the closer the big yes comes. Think of rejections as a blessing because they bring acceptances closer.

3: Never come off as needy.
If you are needy and feel desperate to learn how to date a girl, women are going to sniff you out before you even approach them. If you are desperate they don’t want to be your savior because you seem weak and unattractive. You don’t seem very socially desirable or you wouldn’t be desperate.

Learning how to date means learning not to act desperate and never letting a woman know how badly you need and want her. Hold back and make her think maybe you aren’t so interested and she will suddenly become more interested in you. Whatever you do, needy and desperate is not the message you want to send out.

You can learn how to date a girl just by listening to these three simple tips. Drop the nice guy act and start collecting those valuable rejections. If you are giving the impression of a strong man who is anything but desperate, your chances of finding a girlfriend are much higher than if you come off as needy.

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