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Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Tagged by Personality Differences & Love

" How your personality affects relationships
and how to overcome self-limiting"

We all know that different people have different personality types. But how much are they? What are they? And how do they affect our relationships?

After the system most useful that I met - it is the "Enneagram" called - there are nine basic personality archetypes. We all have something to both of our prototype. But we tend to focus most of our energy in a single species or a few types.

In this series, I will describe, that is, nine archetypes in the Enneagram system of personality profile and the expected problems of any kind of love and relationships. I will also describe how each species can grow to any person to overcome their own limiting beliefs.

Reading these types, you can get an idea of ​​where you stand - or you can not see clearly. The Enneagram is a rich and complex system more robust. And we all have a little variety.

Like many people I did not at first the idea that we should be one of the types of the Enneagram. He felt like in a box. But I gradually realized, as we all do, in fact, already in a box - we have repeated some very similar models, which prevented us from achieving permanent satisfaction in love. So I wanted the box in which I went to see - help me out of the box.

This system, the Enneagram personality types helped me to better see my own models and to overcome them. This has increased my flexibility and creativity with others. He helped me better understand and work with differences - and go beyond personal beliefs and limitations that were previously obstacles to joy and happiness in love.

Regardless of their personality type - Understanding the Enneagram is also greatly expanded my ability to be thorough with all kinds of different pairs to work. To know this system will not only in personal relationships, but it will help you professionally. More Information About Health Bacterial Vaginosis Treatment

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