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Friday, 27 July 2012

Opening Ceremony of the 2012 Olympic Games

Just a few days of the official start of the XXX Olympic Games in London, we want to tell you a little to aa spend Friday July 27. The opening of this international event held every four years will begin at 21 am (local time in London). What will the famous event which will open one of the toughest competitions and respected in the sports world?

london 2012

Traditionally the opening ceremony of the Olympics is a time of celebration of international sport, unity of man as such without regard to racial or cultural differences. The message of the Olympics beyond the mere sport and talks about unity, respect and tolerance.

During the ceremony the Olympic torch is lit and begins officially at the sporting events that will honor the best athletes and athletes in the world with the famous gold, silver or bronze.

Facts about the 2012 ceremony
The 2012 theme that has inspired the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games 2012 has been the classic Shakespeare "The Tempest". Based on this work, the ceremony was entitled "Islands of Wonders". Each ceremony is different and inspiration related to the local culture.

The show before the ceremony begins at 12.20 on July 27 and will last until 21 hours to officially start the event. All around the world will be scheduled live event.

The ceremony will begin with a philharmonic orchestra of bells, the largest in the world (with a bell of 23 tons).
londres ceremonia
The setting for the celebration is as large as 12 Olympic swimming pools.

Paul McCartney at the Opening Ceremony of London 2012

Paul McCartney en la Ceremonia de Apertura de Londres 2012

Months ago, Paul McCartney had expressed his desire to be part of the musical of the 2012 London Olympics. Discreetly had expressed on several occasions that they had not invited but that if they did would be willing to delve into the bull.

Time passed but the Organising Committee of the sporting event made a formal statement about it. They had said that due to the enormous amount of potential artists, still in the process of selecting what they would participate in both the opening ceremony, as at the close.

Finally, the wish was fulfilled McCartney and he confirmed yesterday, through a radio program that would be the artist that would close the spectacle of the opening ceremony of the event. His presentation will take place July 27 at the Olympic Stadium in London, before an audience estimated at 80,000 people, not counting the thousands of millions of viewers who follow the games on television worldwide.

The evening music-sports will be broadcast to the entire world and will be headed by Danny Boyle, director and film producer who won an Oscar for Slumdog Millionaire (Slumdog Millionaire). It is said that this character has found inspiration for the staging of the opening ceremony, in the book by Mary Shelley, Frankenstein, although no details were given of what would be the points of contact with that famous English novel.

The music for the opening ceremony of the Olympics was composed by British band Underworld and the end of the August 12 event will take place at the iconic Hyde Park in London where he will present among others, Blur, New Order and The Specials.

This news of McCartney's participation at the opening of the Olympics, arrives to continue with the good news for the former Beatle. Lanoche yesterday presented with great success at Buckingham Palace to mark the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II. As reported yesterday, the Beatles were named the best-selling artists singles record in the history of Great Britain and today marks 50 years of the launch of the theme Love Me Do, "which started the phenomenon known as Beatlemania .

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